FileMaker Pro Plug-ins
TradeStation EasyLanguage and DLL development
Java/SWT development
JavaScript development
Clear Solutions Software 

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December 22 - January 13, 2018

During this time, it may take up to 3 days to issue license codes and respond to emails.

PDF417 Encoder
Create PDF417 2-D Bar codes

Create QR Code 2-D Bar codes

Nurney for Google News
Chrome extension to remove Kardashians and other ridiculous stories

Chrome extension to automatically adjust text size and contrast into legibility

Custom cross-platform FileMaker plug-in development
TradeStation dll development
Java/SWT and JavaScript development

And with New Millennium Communications,

SecureFM with MenuMagic

Configure FileMaker menus and windows
Provide solution security

Automate dialogs from ScriptMaker

Complete document, image, sound, and movie management
Create and edit images and sounds
Manage documents on local and remote disks

Export container fields, make thumbnails, edit images