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Exporter Plug-in for FileMaker Pro
  The Exporter plug-in allows the developer to export pictures, sounds, movies, and text stored in FileMaker fields as documents in their native file formats. Types supported are GIF, JPEG, PICT, BMP, sound, movie, text, and styled text (Mac only). Exporter handles any image or media type when stored by reference.

In addition to exporting to a file, Exporter can convert any of the above image types to JPEG with user specified parameters for size, bit depth, and quality. (When stored by reference, nearly all image types, including TIF, WMF, and DRW can be converted.) Using this function, you can make thumbnails suitable for web pages, or convert FileMaker report previews to JPEG format for email. Additional operations like crop, rotate, scale, and sharpen are provided, as well as a function that returns detailed information about an image.

Exporter provides many flexible options for selecting the destination folder, including manual selection. A complete set of file utilities allows deletion and renaming of exported files, import of references, and scripted scanning of folders. This will allow broken references to be repaired programatically. All file operations are server aware and optimized for speed.

Exporter works for both Mac and Windows, and with all versions of FileMaker Pro. The image conversion functions require QuickTime to be installed.

Exporter has been enhanced with sound and video processing. It is now sold under the name MediaManager by Codence. Please see their website for more information and a demo.

If you purchased Exporter here after 15-June-2003, please contact the author for a free upgrade.

(Updated 2006-March-12.)